It’s fascinating to think about the fact that the average person spends up to two hours on social media every day. This average even accounts for many who spend little to virtually no time on social media which is counterbalanced by certain demographics who spend practically every waking moment on the cellular devices. So it’s no wonder that influencer marketing – which takes the popularity of social media stars and leverages that popularity to market brands and their products – has emerged among the fastest-growing and most lucrative segments of advertising nowadays.

Influencer marketing has been viewed through a lens of skepticism from its inception, even disregarded by some as a fad. But if word of mouth is the most successful online marketing strategy, having an extension of this in the social media age appears to fall good natural evolution of marketing, and has proven to be mutually good for influencers and brand’s alike.

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Over the years, it’s become painfully clear to us that many businesses without marketing can not grow. And many of the people struggle to generate quality traffic in a professional manner. So that it can make them consistently profitable. Here the paid marketing and online promotion can be a useful tool. But it has become far too expensive for most business owners and entrepreneurs. SEO is also highly cost-prohibitive and increasingly risky. But the question is how one can grow their business by the budget-friendly marketing plan? The answer to many of these types of businesses is Influencer marketing.

Just what exactly if you want to to add a little muscle behind your brand’s marketing efforts? There is absolutely no denying the effectiveness of Influencer marketing, however the benefits extend beyond simple dollars and cents. Share of industry voice, consumer trust, brand recognition, and a litany of other benefits can be created from well-executed Influencer marketing campaigns. Let’s look into several of the very best 10 benefits of Influencer marketing to increase your business.

1. Builds Trust and Shows Authority
There’s a simple ideology from the practice of influencer endorsements. Whenever a celebrity, industry expert, or social media personality shares content in regards to a brand, it produces instant credibility to the business they may be promoting, basically. The idea is, in case a company can get an authoritative person to note and recognize its brand, it creates a perception that the brand can be an industry leader and reliable company, predicated on the endorsement and sentiment provided by the influencer. The recognition is even far better in niche marketing when an authority in your industry shares your content. Credibility stated in this facet can substantially accelerate the time frame in which brands can build and establish trust and authority with consumers.

2. Improves Brand Awareness
As we touched on before, influencer marketing can greatly expand your reach and positioning in the web marketplace. Social users will commence to learn more about your brand, your story, who you are, and the solutions you offer. The contributions that influencers can make in terms of brand awareness are a few of the most powerful benefits of social media.

The key factor in maximizing influencer strategy is making sure you provide valuable content that adds to the influencers’ social media presence as well, ensuring there is value in the partnership for both parties.

Influencers tend to be the driving force behind new trends and movements (which we will discuss further down the road in this specific article). They often times introduce audiences to new ideas, brands, products, etc. So being seen as a hot new concept is one of the numerous benefits associated with influencer marketing. Aligning your brand with an influencer who moves the needle in the trends department shows people that your company can be an progressive leader in your industry.

3. Effectively Reaches Your MARKET and Drives Purchasing Decisions
We cannot overstate the importance of this particular benefit. Relevant influencers place your content in front of social media users who already are interested in your niche. There’s no additional budget essential for testing and finding your audience – the influencer has brought this audience on social media for themselves.

Furthermore, influencers who mention your brand actually drive sales. Consumers are seeking to influencers more and more for advice on what products and services to buy. In a study conducted in 2016, roughly 40 percent of respondents said they made a purchase after seeing a social media influencer use the product or service. 3 years later, those numbers have surely increased as the prominence of social media is continuing to grow. If one of your marketing objectives is increasing sales – and let’s be honest, what company isn’t buying a sales boost – influencer marketing will help you accomplish that objective.

4. USAGE OF Millennial & Gen Z Consumers
The TV has been left out for younger audience, who has increasingly favored and contributed to the popularity of digital media. That is why Influencer marketing is now a mandatory channel for reaching Millennials and Gen Z’ers. Attracting consumers from these audiences brings immense value to your brand.

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5. Influencers Are Trendsetters
Even as we touched on earlier, Influencers are go-to resources of information when it comes to new products of their industry (beauty, fashion, tech, fitness, gaming etc.). Influencers’ followers deeply respect and often times even idolize their opinions within their categories of expertise. This is exactly what makes influencer marketing so powerful.

Quite often influencers are also given exclusive usage of new products before they are even on the marketplace and open to everyone. This provides ample opportunity for a brandname to partner with an influencer and create a campaign across the influencers overview of a hot, new product they have exclusive access to, and subsequently, potentially place your brand in the spotlight of a fresh and trend around your product.

6. Long-Term Influencer Relationships
Influencer marketing campaigns aren’t nearly metrics-it’s about building relationships. So establishing rapport with influencers creates strong and lasting partnerships that drive long-term results for both brand and the influencer. Nearly 1 / 2 of marketers take part in influencer partnerships lasting half a year or longer, while 37% of influencers say they’re working with brands for longer periods instead of one-off campaigns. This is also an ample strategy for Instagram influencers in building their own brand and resume.

7. Immense Reach & Visibility
Many social media influencers boast audience counts in the millions, with the 50 most followed Instagram influencer accounts totaling more than 2.5 billion followers. Marketers can build impressive campaigns that reach millions of consumers by properly vetting influencers based on both qualitative and quantitative factors, and selecting the perfect candidates predicated on that information.

Additionally, influencer marketing helps brands circumvent certain obstacles a great many other online marketing mediums face today. Mainstream adoption of ad blockers is in full effect, as well as users’ general loathing for blatant advertising, influencer marketing offers brands a viable, unobtrusive way to interact with consumers.

8. Manage Your Brands Reputation
It doesn’t matter whether you’re starting the conversation, or maybe simply involved in the dialogue, people talk about your brand. Whether that sentiment is positive or negative is something brands are increasing their concentrate on, as it pertains to their social media presence. When your organization effectively focuses on developing a dynamic social listening plan, it allows you to track and find out where so when these conversations about your brand are happening. In 2019, it’s beyond imperative that you join these conversations – not only as an observer, but as a dynamic, engaged member of every single community.

What if you will find that folks are spreading false information about your company? This is an possibility to share your side of the story in a polite and professonally executed manner. By addressing the issue in a public forum in a specialist manner, you assert a sense of control over your brand voice available on the market. On the far side of the coin, when individuals are praising your brand, come up with ways to thank them and show your appreciation, both publicly and personally. That is also a way to build a pool of brand ambassadors, which also bring great value to a brand’s social presence.

9. Lead Generation
Lead generation can be an incredibly important benefit for social media for business. Notably, most internet sites now offer advertising formats specifically designed to accumulate leads and help brands generate both website and social media traffic.

Social media offers a simple method for potential customers to express fascination with your business as well as your products or services. To generate leads has substantially evolved within the last decade, as social media has played a lot better role in connecting brands with customers and clients than ever before. Leveraging this medium to operate a vehicle lead generation is vital in the present day market place.

10. Long-Term Benefits
Don’t expect to see a major upsurge in your sales with a single influencer IG story post. You need to view buying influencer marketing as a long-term relationship, rather than simply a one-off partnership. Just as, it takes period to build trust between your brand and your consumers, the same philosophy pertains to influencers and influencer marketing all together.